Spring Has Sprung

Spring. The word I have been waiting for after months of cold winter. When you hear the word spring it’s like…hmm…the calm after the storm, the rose in all the thorns…the peace among the chaos. Spring may mean mud season…but it also means new life! Flowers start blooming! Birds come back from migration! You may […]

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Back From Extinction #1- Lions

Lions are predators- fierce, and sometimes dangerous. But in certain countries- Lions and humans live in harmony. Lions live next to humans, and together, they thrive. Lions live in hot places- places that rarely get rain. This results in dry plants, so when the lions hunt, they make noise, and their prey is frightened away. […]

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Top 5 Cutest Adult Animals

1. Panda Bear Panda bears. Black and white bamboo eaters with adorable eyes. I’ve always wanted to hug one of them…as long as they don’t scratch me with their claws… These cuties are vulnerable to endangered, so everyone should be careful with these species. Unlike some species, these guys aren’t able to give up their […]

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About Me

Hi, welcome to Animal Prints. My name is Ashley, I run this blog and I love animals! I started this blog so other people, kids and adults, would have the chance to learn more about animals. My passion has always been, and always will be, animals. They inspire me and I write about them. My […]

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Top 5 Cutest Baby Animals

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be writing about the top 10 cutest baby animals! (A couple of the pictures aren’t baby and are leaning more towards adult, but their the best I could get) These are my favorite, in my opinion, and I love them! ­čÖé Enjoy! 1. Baby Snow Leopard Snow Leopards Cubs […]

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Rescuing/Adopting Versus Buying A Pet

The question everyone should ask themself before getting a pet: “Should I rescue/adopt or should I buy one?” Most people don’t even think about rescuing/adopting or if they do, their nervous… some rescue/adopt animals are aggressive. Rescuing/adopting doesn’t always mean you’ll get an aggressive animal… it might mean you get an abandoned puppy who is the […]

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Our Animals Need To Stay Warm!

It’s almost Christmas and snow is on the ground! Our animals are playing and living in the cold snow, so we should look into something to keep them warm… wouldn’t want them to freeze out there! For Dogs Dog-Paw Boots!┬áSo their┬ácute little paws don’t get cold and freeze! These boots are comfy and warm, they’ll […]

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Horse Books for Kids

Chestnut Hill (1# The New Class) Dylan Walsh joins Chestnut Hill, a prestigious boarding school that has jumping horses for the students. Dylan loves horses and is excited to go to the school that her Aunt Ali teaches horsemanship at. She is especially excited to see Morello, her Aunt’s horse that she has a special […]

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