Our Animals Need To Stay Warm!

It’s almost Christmas and snow is on the ground! Our animals are playing and living in the cold snow, so we should look into something to keep them warm… wouldn’t want them to freeze out there!

For Dogs

Dog-Paw Boots! So their cute little paws don’t get cold and freeze! These boots are comfy and warm, they’ll protect your dogs paws. They’re a great Christmas present for your dog or for someone you know who has a dog!

Winter Dog Jacket! So that their bodies stay nice and toasty, keeping them warm, after all, is a priority. They don’t have to be a Christmas present, but your dog will enjoy them!

Doggles!  Never heard of them? They are dog goggles! Doggles! A great thing if you’re dog hates snow in his eyes, or water when swimming. Gift or not, even I like them for my dog… and you can’t beat the laugh the name brings…

For Horses

A Horse blanket! This blanket will keep your horse warm as snow falls and winter returns. Plus, if you have a white horse, the blanket is blue, and if he/she’s wearing it, he/she will be easy to spot!

For Bunnies

A Heat Lamp! So your outdoor bunnies won’t freeze! This will make sure the bunnies stay warm as they live outdoors in the winter.

For Cats

A Warm Winter Coat! Your cat may not like it at first but he/she will get used to it when he/she realizes how warm it keeps her/him.

A Warm Set of Cat Boots! Your cat probably will hate these, but, with effort, he/she will grow to like or want to use them. It’s probably best to start young, kitten age, to get them in a habit of using them.

(If you need any other animals leave me a comment) 🙂 





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