Rescuing/Adopting Versus Buying A Pet

The question everyone should ask themself before getting a pet: “Should I rescue/adopt or should I buy one?” Most people don’t even think about rescuing/adopting or if they do, their nervous… some rescue/adopt animals are aggressive. Rescuing/adopting doesn’t always mean you’ll get an aggressive animal… it might mean you get an abandoned puppy who is the sweetest most loving thing in the world or you might get an abused cat who is shy and timid. Either way, if you work through it… you can get a pet more loyal than you ever thought a rescue/adoption pet could be! Sure, you might have to work harder than a bought pet would be, but in the end it’s worth it.

These pets are abandoned and/or abused… if you adopt them, they might find a ray of sunshine in their sad and lonely lives. You could turn a hurt and sad animal into a loving and happy animal that will always love you… you just have to take a chance. Nobody’s forcing you…you can go into a shelter/humane society and choose which pet you want. Some of these pets are old, and they might die soon… but if you adopt/rescue them, the last few years/days/months/weeks of their life they’ll spend in a home, knowing that they are happy and loved and cared for.

Buying a pet is also a good idea. Most people get them young, so you’d be getting a pet that is clean. A fresh templet to do anything with, to train, to love, to spoil. A pet that was never abandoned, never abused, a perfect pet. These are good pets, they are a wonderful friend and family member. I have a bought pet, she’s great, but I also have a rescue. If you compare them, they are both equally bad sometimes!

Like when your bought pet chews the table’s legs! And no matter how many times you say no, she stills keeps chewing it! Or when your rescue dog pees on the floor, but gives you these adorable dog eyes that you can’t help but forgive. They both do equally wrong things! They both are equally the same.

A bought baby bunny is the same thing as a rescue baby bunny… if no one told you, you wouldn’t know the difference! They are the same, they both do bad things in your life, it just matter how you handle it… are you ready to take on a shelter/rescue pet? Are you ready to take on problems a past foolish owner did to it? Ask yourself these questions… but before you decide, go to the nearest shelter or on their website… just look at the pets, don’t decide…just look. Nobody’s forcing you to get one…just look. A pet you see online or in person…might just make you decide. Just look and go from there.

If this post helped you, feel free to like or comment. Whatever pet you get leave me a pic so I can see the new member of your family. 🙂

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