Top 5 Cutest Baby Animals

Hey guys! Today I’m going to be writing about the top 10 cutest baby animals! (A couple of the pictures aren’t baby and are leaning more towards adult, but their the best I could get) These are my favorite, in my opinion, and I love them! 🙂 Enjoy!

1. Baby Snow Leopard

That fur…

Snow Leopards Cubs are the cutest animal I’ve ever seen! These fuzzy little kitties aren’t pets, though, they are wild animals. I think that these little babies deserve the #1 spot because of their adorable looks! But, these poor babies are diminishing in number due to poaching. Soon, these beloved animals will go extinct and we’ll without yet another beautiful species of animals.

2. Baby Deer

Her coat…

These little darlings aren’t fuzzy and they don’t have fur that stick up or anything like that… their ‘fur’ is flat, it lays down making spots on some types of deer… But these angels are SOOO cute when they are newborns! They have big black eyes, an adorable nose and a tiny little tail! There are ALOT of deer, and their hunted which means they aren’t endangered…yet.

3. Baby Seal

Those eyes…

These big, black-eyed cuties are so adorable when they pull themself with their flippers. They are all white and black with big black eyes, and their little noises are soooo adorable. I think they are over-looked often, even though they are SOOO cute! But these guys are endangered due to hunting and cliate change. 😦

4. Ducklings

So fuzzy….

I’m just going to say… everyone should have expected these adorable fuzzy birds to be on this list! These yellow-fuzzed ducklings have little webbed feet and no feathers, only cute yellow fuzz!!! Their eyes may be black, but they just make them look EVEN MORE ADORABLE!

5. Red Pandas

That face…

These guys have the cutest little faces! They are small, but they make up their size for cutness and claws. They may be cute and fuzzy, but these guys have claws there to grip branches and cut them so they have food. You can’t hold these without a special glove to assure no clawing incidents don’t happen. I enjoy watching them play at the zoo…with a fence between us. They are cute, and dangerous, though!

Keep an eye out for my next post: Top 5 Cutest Adult Animals! Give a  like,  and comment below for things you want me to write about!

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