About Me

Hi, welcome to Animal Prints. My name is Ashley, I run this blog and I love animals! I started this blog so other people, kids and adults, would have the chance to learn more about animals. My passion has always been, and always will be, animals. They inspire me and I write about them.

My favorite animal is a hard choice… it’s between horses and wolves. I love to horseback ride, (If you haven’t tried it you should!) it’s so much fun to be on a horse’s back, riding across hills and through forests. Animals are interesting, their habits, their sounds, basically everything about them is interesting! And to help them, it’s a great feeling. A hurt animal, all alone, being able to go help it, get rid of its pain… it’s such a happy, natural feeling.

Someday I’m going to be a Vet, healing animals, taking care of animals, saving their life… For now, I learning as much as I can, before I’m a full Vet. I hope you enjoy Animal Prints, comment below and give me tips, ideas and feedback. Ttyl!


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