Top 5 Inside Pets and Why You Should Choose Them

1. Dog

So cute…

The term ‘man’s best friend’ is one of the many reasons dogs are the #1 pet. These animals, if trained and loved, are loyal and loving. It doesn’t matter what breed you have, if you treat them right, they’ll be the best friend you;ve always been missing. If your allergic to dog hair, no problem! There is a breed of hairless dogs! Dogs don’t require a lot of work, if you have a fenced in yard, you train you dog to stay in your yard or you tie it to a post, then it can go outside easily! (A dog door is also suggested)

2. Cats

So fluffy…

Cats are calm and sweet-tempered, but sometimes energetic. If you aren’t near a busy road, your cat could go outside in the day, but you can always stick to an inside cat. Cats, like dogs, have a breed with no fur for people allergic to fur. If you can’t decide if you want your cat to go inside or not, ask yourself: would I rather clean a litter box or let my cat outside to do it? Cats are a great pet to have, if you sit on the couch to watch TV, you can be pretty sure your cat’s going to join you…in your lap.

3. Guinea Pig

Such big eyes…

For those that prefer animals in a cage some of the time, Guinea Pigs are the right way to go. Guinea Pigs are cute, furry and loving to their owners…or t anyone that gives them love! They love to eat carrots and they squeak all day for you if you hold them. They can’t be left alone for a long time, they need lots of love and cuddling, they aren’t solitary animals. Getting two might be good if you go to work for hours and they’re left alone for the whole time. Then you’ll have double the cuddling time!

4. Bunnies

Those ears…

Bunnies are another animal that’s inside a cage. They are fluffy and may bite, but they can be very loving. You can get small or big bunnies, it deends on you and the size of the bunny cage. You can hold them as well and they love vegetables: carrots, spinach, lettuce, celery and more. Bunnys are social so have two would minimize the amount of cuddle time and people time. But just because you have 2 doesn’t mean they don’t need cuddle time, they still do!

5. Parakeet

The colors…

These funny little birds are both cage and house pets. If you leave the cage open and set up a play area for them on table, they’ll fly back and forth between the cage and the play area. They will also hop on your finger or shoulder. If you get two of them or put a small mirror in the cage with one, you’ll hear them talking. Parakeets aren’t a really ‘cuddly’ pet, but they do like to fly so leaving the cage open for a few hours is essential. You can also pay someone to clip their wings every 6-10 weeks to avoid them flying away. They still will be able to fly, but not enough to get out of the house and leave.


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Keep an eye out for my next post: ‘Top 5 Outside Pets and Why You  Should Choose Them’!

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