Top 5 Outside Pets And Why You Should Choose Them

1. Horse

So beautiful…

Sure, horses are big and require alot of attention/work, but in the end, when your riding the horse, it’s all worth it. These animals can be trained in jumping, dressing, and more. They can win money if they’re good enough. And there are also ponies and mini-horses for those who love horses but have a little yard! They are beuatiful creatures and everyon should love them! They require a barn and a large grass pasture and they definitely need a fence around them due to the fact they get spooked easily and might bolt.

2. Goat

So cute…

Goats come in diffrent sizes from large to dwarf. They are cute and fuzzy and some breeds come with horns while other don’t. They’re small and don’t require too much room, but a small shelter is needed. For companionship you can get two goats or a goat and some chickens. They are very loving if raised right and can wander on your property if you train them, but by a busy road it isn’t suggested.


Fat little cuties…

Ducks are very funny animals, they can be cranky but if you raise them right, they can be held and will eat out of your hand. When they’re ducklings, they are cute and fuzzy little babies, and when they’re adults they’re fat, but funny. They don’t require lots of room, just a pool of fresh water (or pond) and a more then one of them for companionship. They can roam free, but on a busy road, a fenced-in area is good for them.

4. Cows

Those eyes…

Cows are beautfiul creatures with gorgeous eyes. Thay are soft and are great listeners if you need someone to talk to. (Though they’ll only reply with a ‘moo’) They also give you free milk! You can also make butter with their milk and other dairy products. With a cow, you won’t need to buy dairy products at the store anymore. They also are very sweet creatures. They do require a barn or small garage/building and a pasture. If you don’t like leading the cow out to the pasture everyday, just have the pasture connected to the barn and open the door every morning.

4. Burros

That face…

Donkeys…the clown of the horse family… These guys are loud, annoying but very sweet. They love treats and will talk to you… with a laughing hee-haw. These guys are like horses or cows, except with a clown-ish attitude. They enjoy waking you up in the morning, they’re a rooster! Except bigger, louder and more likely to do it for fun. They do require a pasture and a barn, like cows and horses.

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