Top 5 Cutest Adult Animals

1. Panda Bear


Panda bears. Black and white bamboo eaters with adorable eyes. I’ve always wanted to hug one of them…as long as they don’t scratch me with their claws… These cuties are vulnerable to endangered, so everyone should be careful with these species. Unlike some species, these guys aren’t able to give up their homes. Every day, humns destroy more and more of their home, these guys can’t lose that. We need to realize that before we destroy another amazing species.

2. Dog

That face…

These guys are adorable. All dogs rock, but Golden Retreivers are my personal favorites. I love being woken up every morning by my dog jumping on the bed, and licking me. Dogs definitely deserve to be on this list. Even if their face is not always cute…try living with one for a while, their actions will be cute. Nothing like a dog, barking at seagulls while he walks along the beach with you or chasing squirrels throught the forest as you try to catch up with him. I love dogs. 🙂

3. Cat

Gotta love the big eyes…

Cats. The furry, adorable-and comical- little rodent catchers. They double as both a pet and a rodent catcher. A living, breathing mouse trap. They love t cuddle. There is nothing like your Munchkin cat and your Golden Retreiver, argueing over who gets your lap…while watching a movie…when you want popcorn. Yep, pets are the best. Cats don’t do ‘walks’ but if you want a house pet that follows you around, cats are the way to go! They’ll be your: ‘You’re trying to sleep, pet the cat instead’ pet and your: ‘You’re talking to a guest, take care of the cat instead’ pet. Cats are great, though, not matter what.

4. Fox

The ears…

Sure, they eat your chickens and have to be shot. But I don’t have chickens, and they don’t come in the city so I see them as cute little things. I love their fuzzy tail and big ears. Other people may hate them, but they don’t think about that foxes are just trying to survive! These animals lived years without humans, to them they think chickens are prey! You can’t blame them!

5. Cheetah

Thier beautiful face…

Cheetah’s are beautiful and I love their faces! Not to mention cheetah’s are the fastest animal in the world! Other people may not think they are cute, but to me… they are adorable! I love watching videos of them running, it’s quite beautiful! I just had to put cheetahs on this list!

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