Spring Has Sprung

Spring. The word I have been waiting for after months of cold winter. When you hear the word spring it’s like…hmm…the calm after the storm, the rose in all the thorns…the peace among the chaos.

Spring may mean mud season…but it also means new life! Flowers start blooming! Birds come back from migration! You may even see a bear…hmm…not sure if that’s good or bad… And! Oh…right….the mud… Your animals track in mud! Not the greatest thing…

Animals tracking in mud is very aggrivating…you can always know where your dog is, though! You can follow the trail of muddy paw prints!

Here is a few ways to make sure your dog doesn’t track in mud! (Trust me, it can be useful during mud season)

1. Drying their paws with a towel before you open the door.

  • This can be hard if you have a dog who likes to wiggle, your dog is big or medical reasons that prevent you from leaning over.
  • When you go outside, if you sat a towel on your stairs, it makes it so you don’t have to open the door and risk your dog getting inside.

2. Having a mat outside your door and/or along your walking path so you can walk your dog on it to clean their paws.

  • This can prove difficult if you dog doesn’t like walking back and forth to clean the mud off.
  • A mat outside your door requires you leaning over and rubbing your dogs paw on the mat, which may tear up his pads.
  • Here is a link for a mat that you can order in all diffrent sizes: Dog Doormat

3. Getting mud boots for your dog.

  • These can be useful, because you can take them off at a mat inside or outside your house, and your dog’s paws will be squeaky clean!
  • These may prove problematic if your dog doesn’t like anything on their paws.
  • Here are a few different types you can get: Dog Shoes, and Disposable (One- Use).

4. A paw cleaning device

  • It’s pretty simple: put some water in it, put the dog paw in it, twist the cleaner so it wipes the dirt off, and the paws come out clean.
  • It may require you bending over or holding your dog.
  • You may need a towel to dry the paws after washing them.
  • Here a a couple you could get: Cleaning Device 1 and Cleaning Device 2

5. Paw Cleaners

  • There are paw cleaners like wipes, or sprays that are pretty useful. They don’t require too much effort, and don’t have to ‘eat’ your dog’s paw.
  • This may require you to bend over, pick up your dog’s paw or hold your dog.
  • Here are a couple different paw cleaning items: Wipes and Cleaner.

I hope everyone uses these tips! Comment below on which ones worked and which ones didn’t! Everyone’s dog is different, so don’t expect them all to work/not work on yours! Remember to give a like!

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