Back From Extinction #1- Lions

Lions are predators- fierce, and sometimes dangerous. But in certain countries- Lions and humans live in harmony. Lions live next to humans, and together, they thrive.

Lions live in hot places- places that rarely get rain. This results in dry plants, so when the lions hunt, they make noise, and their prey is frightened away.

Lions learned to hunt other animals, sometimes humans, but in some places- the humans help them hunt. They provide deer that they scare from crops, and other animals that roam the wild.

There were once so few lions in the world- so little that many National Parks were made to raise the lions in so that the animals would re-populate.

Lion hunting was banned, and even with poachers, the lions population made a steady comeback.

Now, we watch happily as lions hunt and survive- just like we do.

Now! Here are some facts about these beautifully, dangerous animals:

  • Lions live in groups called ‘prides’ with both males and females in it, helping each other survive.
  • Baby lions are called ‘cubs’, females are ‘lioness’s’ and males are just ‘males’ .
  • Lions hunt deer, elk and other diffrent-sized animals.
  • Lions don’t mate for life, but sometimes the father does stay to help raise the cubs.
  • Male lions will sometimes mate more then one female.
  • Lioness’s give birth to 5 cubs every two years.
  • Lioness’s raise their cubs for 2 years, then the cubs are old enough to help hunt with the pride and, later, get mates.

Hope you enjoyed this!


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